Underground Cellar is another one of our ventures.

It’s like an arcade-based version of wine investment.

It uses technology in a really cleaver way by taking into account human expectations when investing in wines.

Underground Cellar is an investment vehicle. When wine is purchased, it’s automatically upgraded. It’s fun and yet has a massive disruptive element to it in the way which people could demand value for their purchases. And the proof here, is in the sales. Since 2016, Underground cellar has made 13.5m in sales, with continued growth month on month. 

Hellephant sees the opportunity to take this model and apply it to other luxury verticals such as event tickets, sporting goods, fashion, travel hotel rooms, fine dining experiences. All of these could be automatically upgraded, once the purchase is made. This concept relies on the fact that luxury goods buyers do not want the lowest price or the biggest discount – they want value. And the model used by Underground Cellar will allow other verticals to harvest buying patterns and leverage that for customer retention.