About Hellephant Ventures

CEO Chet Parker is an Angel Investor who has spent his lifetime building a network of high net worth individuals and companies. He brings this network, along with his track record of helping new startups create something people want.

From his early years of drawing, physics, mechanics and speed, he was always maximising his individuality to break barriers and create something new from nothing,

From investing in properties and companies from a young age, he believes in the people behind the product – and the ability to bring together the right expertise, experience, and capital to build startups that help people.

He Is a good judge of potential.

“I believe that we can harness the power of innovative technologies to help people lead better lives.

I am a Strategic Robin Hood – bringing great minds together to collaborate with real value in order to help others.”

Chet is an Advisor on the Board at clikd, a dating app for creatives that uses photography and strong visuals to augment the dating experiences of users.

He is also passionate about the work at MACrebur- a company that takes waste plastics and makes roads out of them. Their mission is to help solve the waste epidemic and poor quality of roads we drive on around the world today.

Chet brings his time, expertise, and capital to the most impactful projects and people worth investing in.

If life is a negotiation, the possibilities are endless….

Our Investment Portfolio

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